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"Famous Last Words" Adult T-Shirt


Are you a Chili Connoisseur, Dipping Daredevil, or just all around "Authority on All Things Spicy"? Let people know with our original Famous Last Words T-shirt, and let them know that you're a literal fire-eater with a taste for adventure...and well, extremely hot foods.


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"Famous Last Words" Apron


People will watch their tongues literally and metaphorically when they see you cooking with this apron on. Add a little signature spice to your cooking experience and also warn people that you like to put that little extra dash of chili into your dish.


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"Hug Me, I'm a Little Chili" Children's T-Shirt


For an adorable child who happens to be in a family of chili enthusiasts, this tee is available in multiple sizes and will always be the perfect fit your your little chili. This'll be sure to get them plenty of hugs, especially in the cold seasons.


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"Hug Me, I'm a Little Chili" Bib


I'm sure you won't be giving your toddler or infant chili right away, but why not let them wear it for dinnertime? Our bibs are heavy duty with two snaps for adjustable comfort.


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"Hug Me, I'm a Little Chili" Onesie


Every baby loves a good hug. Now you have an extra chance to dress your little infant in a huggable, squeezable, comfortable onesie, and get your little chili plenty of hugs.

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